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Crimes Against Children

and Safety Trainer/Consultant

It is my belief that our number one goal should be to provide the child victim the opportunity to become a survivor.  In order to make this happen, every member of the team must do their part throughout the entire process. This means from the onset of the investigation, through the prosecution process, and lastly (and most importantly) the on-going services that must be provided to the child.



These excellent training programs will not only provide the skills to carry out a complete and thorough investigation, but will also challenge each participant to be an advocate and champion for children. They are not your “run of the mill” PowerPoint presentations. Much effort has been put into making each presentation as interesting as possible while keeping in mind the seriousness of the subject matter.  Not only will you hear the information but you’ll also see what is being talked about with some wild and crazy visuals meant to engage the audience and enhance your knowledge of the subject. Each slide has a picture and a story that is intended to touch the lives of the participants

Providing quality training to service providers, educators, parents and children of all ages! 
All presentations can be delivered in either a 90 or 120-minute conference format or all-day training and are interchangeable to meet the needs of your agency.  

“This was the most interactive training that I have ever attended. I learned so much!"

Samantha Jonston, Caseworker

We are proud to announce a new company we are launching called, “Firefly.” Firefly is a subsidiary of Holler Training and the main business activity will be conducting independent sexual abuse investigations throughout the US and abroad.

For more information about Firefly please visit 

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