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Social Worker Safety

Each day thousands of Child Protective Services workers (CPS) and other social workers make home visits in the United States. During these visits they investigate allegations of abuse and sexual assault, update safety plans for children, and monitor on-going foster care. Social workers are at risk for hostile behavior from the public when visiting clients at hotels, apartments or homes in unfamiliar or dangerous locations, especially at night. Social workers have often been assaulted with knives and fists while attempting to visit homes where parents are facing various court actions, or where children are being placed into foster care. Most of these home visits are made by a single social worker, without a radio or other means of adequate communications. Throughout the United States, there have been many situations where social workers have been assaulted and/or killed while making such home visits. This workshop will address safety concerns from the law enforcement perspective by providing social workers with important safety related information that they can utilize each time they make a home visit on their own. The workshop will provide social workers with ways they can identify potentially harmful conditions and defuse volatile situations when encountered.

Offered Social Worker Safety Programs

  • Social Workers - “Making a Case for Safety”  


  • Giving to Others and Believing in Yourself

  • Learning to Listen.. “And Defusing a Hostile Situation”

Presented all over the US and Canada to:

CPS Agencies
Head Start Programs
Mental Health Agencies
Day Care Providers
Juvenile Probation

Anyone making home visits!

A must for ALL social workers making home visits!

Social Worker

Brenda Yeager


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