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Child Death/Homicide Investigations

Is your TEAM ready to handle a Child's Death?

Investigating a child's death is difficult and serves as one of the many challenges facing law enforcement officers. Federal, state, and local investigators alike often receive little or no training in investigating the death of a child. In many departments, officers are not ready to handle these deaths let alone trying to determine if the death was accidental, intentional,  or if the death was a sudden unexplained infant death. This training provides police officers as well as child protective services a detailed look at how these investigations should be handled. This is a very powerful training and one that will enable law enforcement officers to work effectively through a child's investigation, providing a much greater chance of an accurate determination of what caused or contributed to a child's death.

Child Death/Homicde Programs Offered


  • Child Death/Homicide Investigations

  • Drowning – Accident or Homicide

  • “Gentle Child Murder” - Suffocation/Strangulation/Drowning

  • Fatal Fires Involving Children – “Accidental, Homicide or Suicide?”


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