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Physical Abuse Investigations 


The physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect of children can happen anywhere.  Anyone, regardless of social, economic, or educational level, can physically abuse or neglect a child.  Investigators must be able to recognize the behaviors of abusive parents or caretakers and be able to begin to process all important information relating to the assessment of soft tissue injuries in victims of child abuse.  This workshop will address the duties of the investigating police officer and CPS worker as they begin to investigate a child abuse complaint and what forms of evidence should be collected in every case.  Investigators will be provided with the essential information on the abuse and neglect of children, the dynamics of physical abuse, and the reconstruction and investigation of soft tissue injuries.

Offered Physical Abuse Programs

  • The Front Line Worker – “Child Abuse and Injury Investigation & Reconstruction”

  • Understanding Patterned Injuries

  • Child Torture – “The American Trend”  

  • Childhood Fall Injuries – “Accidental vs. Inflicted”

  • Understanding and Investigating Child Burn Injuries

  • Abusive Head Trauma in Children

  • Child abuse Photography - 101 

Powerful presentations that will provide Law Enforcement with vital information to conduct quality investigations!

Team Training

Bridging the Gap – “Protecting Our Kids”

This highly emotional training is designed to touch the heart of each person within the MDT team, challenging them to do better child abuse and sexual assault investigations.  The common goal between each agency is creating a child-safe world where children are free from being abused and exploited by adults.  Both CPS and law enforcement personnel work very hard in an effort to achieve this goal; however, in many cases agencies are working independent from the other.  This causes friction between the two agencies, and in many cases, a child may suffer and the perpetrator may go free.  This workshop will educate the law enforcement officer on the duties of the CPS worker, what standards they are required to prove by law, and what happens when these standards are not met.  CPS workers will learn the role of law enforcement and what officers face in dealing with these types of cases.  The primary goal is to bring these agencies closer together, not only in an investigative role in child abuse cases, but also as a support system where they can lean on each other for encouragement and support.  This workshop is designed to show the benefits of joint investigation, such as improved protection and services for children, better understanding of roles and responsibilities, enhanced information sharing, more effective use of limited resources, enhanced training, and reduced burnout.

We offer the most comprehensive programs available that will challenge even the most seasoned officer!

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