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Sexual Abuse/Internet Programs

Child Sexual Exploitation

Innocence lost?

Innocence STOLEN!


These programs will provide participants with the knowledge, understanding, and resources necessary to respond effectively to the challenges encountered in this form of child victimization. It will also address victim characteristics and behaviors that make the child more vulnerable. Important investigative strategies about investigating the suspect and the crime scene are covered giving the investigator important tools needed for a successful prosecution.

Offered Sexual Abuse Programs   


  • Criminal Minds: “In Plain Sight” - Educational Sexual Abuse – “Hope’s Journey” (NEW FOR 2024!)

  • Criminal Minds: “To Bear Witness” - Clergy Sexual Abuse (NEW FOR 2024!)

  • Criminal Minds: “The Silencer” - Child Sexual Predators within the MDT (NEW FOR 2024!)

  • Criminal Minds: “True Conviction” - Child Sexual Predator Characteristics and Behaviors (NEW FOR 2024!

  • First Responder Contact in Child Abuse Investigations  

  • Corroborating Evidence – Reducing the Child’s Stress and Strengthening Your Case

  • Authority Rape  







“"I attended your conference this week and I must say that I came to learn and with your teaching strengths I learned alot. I must say that Mid-South knew what they were doing when they asked you to be a speaker. I learned so much this week and I just wanted to say Thank You. Your County is blessed to have such a leader in their community. More that anything Thank You for trying to teach the importance of working together for the victim."


Robin Arnold Investigator for the Prosecutting Attorney Carroll County Arkansas

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